Speedy Transmission ~ Delray Beach’s #1 Auto Repair shop for Automatic Transmissions

They call us Delray Speedy Transmission for a reason!!! We have been fixing both Domestic and Foreign cars, trucks and RV’s transmissions for longer than anyone in Delray and proudly offer our expertise and knowledge to all of our customers. Whether, your automobile is a standard (stick/manual) or an automatic transmission, we have the capabilities and no-how to fix your transmission problems.

If your automobile can’t make it to our facility we will tow your car, truck or RV for FREE with any major repair! If you have any questions our friendly staff is here to answer all of your calls.

Lets play a quick game of Q & A! It’s just three questions, but we’ve found that this simple question exercise not only educates our clients, but also helps us when diagnosing your car issues.

Q. What are the two most common types of automatic transmissions?
A. Front wheel drive is found on most domestic cars, and rear wheel drive is typically found on most trucks, 4×4’s, SUV’s, performance cars such as Camaro. Firebird or Mustangs and most all European full size sedans.


Q. What percentage of cars today are front wheel drive?
A.Almost 80% of cars today are front wheel drive.


Q.Not sure if you are having Transmission problems?
A.Most transmission today are computer controlled and might be something as simple as a fuse! In addition, a malfunctioning transmission will hurt your gas mileage and raise your fuel cost!

We will know and we will make it our priority to make sure you do as well! Bring your car in, schedule a tow, or just call us!

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