• No Charge for External Performance Check
• Automatic & Standard Transmissions
• Clutch Assemblies
• 4×4, RV and SUV Specialists
• Foreign and Domestic Vehicles
• Axles, CV Boots, Universal Joints
• Differentials, Etc.
• Nationwide Warranties Available
• Extended Warranties Honored
• Commercial and Fleet Contracts
• Fluid Check & Analysis
• Road Test
• Check Linkage
• Check Band Adjustment
• Check Cooling Lines
• Check Engine Vacuum
• Check Driveshaft
• Check Differential
• Check C.V. Joints
• Check Ext. Elect. Components
• Check Mounts
• Check for Leaks
When you call Speedy, the Service Advisor will suggest a Performance Check which will be completed at no charge.


Completion of the Performance Check identifies required service (if any). The service Advisor will call with a full report of the findings. The Service advisor recommends required service (if any) and provides a price quotation as well as a time frame to complete the service. When authorized, he commences with the service.


The Service Advisor will call back as soon as the required service is completed. The service warranty is stated on the repair order and a copy is provided as a receipt.

1. Mandatory ASE certification of repair technicians in all franchised Speedy Transmission Centers.

2. Speedy Corporate Headquarters acts as liaison for all consumer complaints involving any of its franchised centers.

3. Compliance with the “Standards for Retail Transmission Repair” specifying procedures for the dismantling and reassembly of transmissions. Speedy developed these standards based on a compendium of codes and standards gathered from states in which they already exist. (A copy of these standards is available by calling the Speedy Consumer Line, 1-800-336-0310.)

4. Distribution of a brochure to customers in all Speedy Centers explaining the operation of an automobile transmission and drivetrain system.

5. Distribution of a brochure to customers in all Speedy Centers describing preventive maintenance for transmissions.

6. All Speedy Centers distribute to customers a current description of the types of limited warranties offered by Speedy.

7. Speedy Corporate Headquarters monitors random sampling of Speedy customers to evaluate work performed for those customers.

8. All Speedy Centers comply fully with the provision of any state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, and cooperate fully with any government agency investigating such practices.

Hoping to bring the light of professionalism to an industry with a somewhat shadowy past, Speedy expects to create consumer confidence. Trust is not something you can enforce. You earn it by backing your service with professionalism and technical resources, and giving complete satisfaction.


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