Speedy Transmission ~ Delray Beach’s #1 Auto Repair shop for Standard Transmissions

They call us Delray Speedy Transmission for a reason!!! We have been fixing both Domestic and Foreign cars, trucks and RV’s transmissions for longer than anyone in Delray and proudly offer our expertise and knowledge to all of our customers. Whether, your automobile is a standard (stick/manual) or an automatic transmission, we have the capabilities and no-how to fix your transmission problems.

If your automobile can’t make it to our facility we will tow your car, truck or RV for FREE with any major repair! If you have any questions our friendly staff is here to answer all of your calls.

We know you got that car with Standard Transmission so you could either not worry about tranny problems or so you could take full advantage of your sports car!

But when problems arise, there’s only one name in town you can trust; Delray Speedy Transmission! We’ve been helping customers, junk yards, businesses, and auctions with all of their Transmission problems and look forward to solving yours. Please give us a call, schedule a tow, or simply visit our shop; its the largest and most experienced in Delray!

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